We believe in

Uniqueness, excellence and beauty.

Not just words. But actually, much more. They are connected issues because without one of them even the other one cannot exist. Each of us is unique, because different in some way from the other beings and therefore excellent.
If this is true for a person, it is even more true for a handcrafted object.
This is where ‘beauty’ comes from.


Dodo has an echo that still reverberates today.
This uniqueness is the basic value of the brand. Maison du Dodo is inclusive, unique as you are in thinking about a possible, better, sustainable new world.


We believe in making accessible excellence part of an original lifestyle for all who meet us, as Dodo’s friends meet it in its world.
Like in a dream that comes true.

Made in Italy

Fashion, creativity, elegance are universally recognized as Italian characteristics. And it is precisely in Italy that our garments and accessories are designed and made, by skilled expert craftsmen in the districts that have made history with the quality of their fabrics. It is the time of a new rebirth famous like the Italian Renaissance is famous in the world for the beauties it left behind.

Once upon a time there were two friends.
Dodo and Panda.
One day Panda could no longer find Dodo. And only today it understands why.
Because Dodo learned to fly!
From above, from its new home, however, Dodo keeps an eye on Panda and is committed to ensuring that it too does not disappear from the earth.


Today the world is evolving into something new. Improve. A more welcoming home for everyone. More sustainable, not necessarily in terms of the environment but of encounter, naturalness, less artificiality, purity. It is in this type of evolution that I see real chances for the future. Each of us that is witness of this evolution in a Dodo’s friend.

“All clothing products come from nature… An important thing in our world is the ‘touch'”
Claudio Testa

“I have learned the importance of ‘made in Italy’: these extraordinary skills that people acquire thanks to the fact that there are entire generations who work within companies”

Bruno Landi


Compliance is a reality, not a dream, a feasible construction.
Ours is another world.
A world in which everyone could be included, in which many people already live and commit themselves.
We are all a bit like Dodo in the history with Panda.
We can be reborn elsewhere. It is the time of a new rebirth famous like the Italian Renaissance is famous in the world for the beauties it left behind.
But sustainability also means nature and caring about as our raw materials and certifications of our garments and accessories show.