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A day to spend together.
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Vitale Barberis Canonico
via Solferino 23
20121 Milan

How is composed our “journey” to Another World:

10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Press conference

and coffee break on the occasion of Hyaloid and Maison du Dodo launch.

The conference will be moderated by Silvia Andreani, Client Officer of Ipsos Italy.

5:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Cocktail event

During this the evening we will like to share with you a special occasion to taste specialties of Italian cuisine cooked on site and to toast to the birth of our innovative companies with the best champagnes.

The “journey” will be enriched by the presence of the Maison du Dodo models and of Vitale Barberis Canonico sustainable fabrics.

Furthermore, the evening will be accompanied by background live music by the pianist Bruno Bavota, one of the greatest exponents of the modern classic style. Always animated by an environmentalist soul and whose compositions have been chosen as soundtrack by cinema directors such as Paolo Sorrentino for his TV series and by companies such as Apple for its videos advertising.

The cuisine experience for the evening will be enriched by the chef from Il Nuovo Principe, a special place in Corso Venezia 21 – Milano.

They will prepare for you mini arancini rice and mozzarella, assorted homemade focaccias, Milanese meatballs, Parmigiano Reggiano aged 24 months with walnut, Savory pies with vegetables, cooked and fontina cheese and potatoes and speck, raw ham, mortadella and handmade salami.

But last but not least their main specialty: ravioli, served in 4 different ways:
• with meat sauce
• with ricotta and spinach
• with 4 cheeses
• with ricotta and mushroom

Finally, at the end of the event don’t forget a unique gift for you by Maison du Dodo: a small replica of our knitwear made from top quality cashmere yarns, which showcases a high-precision miniaturized technique and craftsmanship.
It is handcrafted by the cashmere artisan B.Z. located in the heart of Italy, Perugia.