Dodo is now

When we think about the Dodo, we remember a cute, extinct, almost mythological animal. A down-to-earth bird. Because Dodo couldn’t fly.
Therefore, Dodo is different. It is a special being. Precisely because of these characteristics. It is unique. So unique and different that, according to legend, it was a victim of foreign conquerors.
Totally inserted in the natural context. Visually empathetic.


But isn’t this just being unique: being different in a world of counterparts?

After all, every one of us is a bit as Dodo is.
Unique and different.

Dodo has wings but it does not fly. It no longer exists but we all know it. It has an existence of its own. It has found its own way to soar. A new house in a better, fascinating, inclusive, different world where it lives now.
A house that is also yours.
Maison du Dodo.