Another world

Welcome to AnotherLand.

A world that already exists.
For each of in our own diversity as in a natural reserve.
A land of excellence, where we stand out thanks to unique, sustainable garments.
The world that is Maison du Dodo.

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Your lifestyle on a higher world

Italian Style

All our garments and accessories are produced in Italy, with those creativity, innovation, fashion, craftmanship and fabrics that have made famous
this Mediterranean Country since the Classical Era.

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Our Values

We believe in uniqueness, that doesn’t mean loneliness but diversity, inclusion. A type of uniqueness that echoes, becomes accessible to those who love lifestyle, fashion and, nature. Sustainability, represented by all our raw materials and tecniques of production.

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Dodo’s friendship stories

Discover special stories of friendship.
Because the well-being of every person is inextricably linked to that of all the others, especially to children who represent the future of the environment in which they live and their own context.

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